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Recognition at School

Your students are reading their hearts out and you are presenting them with the Reading Award Certificates. But what else can you do in the classroom to get students excited about reading? Here are a few fun, simple ways you can supercharge your awards and get kids even more enthusiastic about reaching their goals.

Stick out

Create award badges using stick on or clip on name tags. Allow students to wear them for the day when they meet their goal. Students will be excited about standing out and feeling special for the day. Encourage other teachers and school staff to ask those students about their reading goals to make it even more special.

Shake your sillies out

When handing out certificates, ask your super readers to join you at the front of the class to lead a quick dance party. Invite everyone in on the fun and let your students show off their best moves.

Honor diploma

Check out our awesome Honor Diplomas featuring Dante and Flora and Ulysses. Great for students who meet all their goals during the program and perfect for hanging on the fridge at home!

Take charge

Pick a super reader to be your helper for the day. Allow them to pick out a book or even have them read it to the class. Let them be first in line for lunch or recess. Let them feel special in front of the whole class.

VIP lunch

Enlist the help of a VIP at your school, like the principal or the librarian, and invite students who have meet their goals to an exclusive lunch. Invite the VIP to read a favorite book to the attendees. Have fun with music or hold the lunch outside on the playground, picnic style.