National Poetry Month

Found poetry

April is National Poetry Month, but not everyone needs to write in perfect iambic pentameter to participate. Here are two activities to engage your class in celebrating national poetry month with their own creativity.


You will Need:

  • Old books
  • Markers, pencils, other art supplies

Erasure, or Black Out Poetry, is a type of found art created by covering words on a page, leaving a few to make a poem. You can cover the unused words with simple black lines, or you can create art on the page to draw attention to the words you want to highlight. Both create striking pieces of art.

Each student should take a page from an old book. They should carefully pick out the words they want to use in their poem, underlining them in pencil. Using the rest of the art supplies, cover or black out the rest of the words on the page.

Collage Poetry

You will Need:

  • Magazines
  • Scissors
  • Colorful paper
  • Glue

Cut out words from many different magazines. Arrange the words on a piece of paper until you have a poem you like. Glue them down. These poems can be free verse, haikus or rhyme. There are no rules.