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Teacher Digital Tips

Summer is over, school is in full swing and BOOK IT! is gearing up for another great year of reading. We created the Teacher Dashboard as a fun and interactive way for your students to track their reading with the BOOK IT! app or desk top Student Tracker. To help you get started, here are a few tips for using the teacher dashboard in your classroom. This is an additional tool that we have created with teachers in mind, but if you prefer your paper and pen, rock on.
Ensure your school is enrolled in the BOOK IT! Program for the 2016-17 school year. Be sure to coordinate with other teachers to place one order for the school.
Setting up your class. Sign in to the teacher dashboard, or if you are new to using the digital tools, create an account. Register all of your students, and set their reading goals.
Send registration information to parents through email or by printing out the registration codes.
Pro tip: If you want to print out the registration codes, leave the parent email field blank.
Show off the BOOK IT! app and desktop student tracker to your students. Let parents know they can help their students track reading through either of these options.
Send updates to parents to keep them invested in their children’s reading goals.
Sit back and watch the minutes roll in! If your students use pen and paper to track reading, you can manually add time toward their goal in the dashboard.
Pro tip: Did you start tracking after October? Use the dropdown menu next to your classes name to select a different month. You can manually add minutes read in previous months for your students.
As students improve, you can increase their reading goals to meet their reading appetites. You can change each student’s goal by clicking on the blue arrow and increasing their reading time.
Pro tip: Using the dropdown near the class goal tracker, set a new goal and assign it to your entire class in just a few clicks.
Students can celebrate reading progress with special in app accessories and prizes. If all your students meet their goals, pull up the Teacher Dashboard to show off the new accessory they have unlocked by reading their hearts out!
Pro tip: Need help filling out all of those Reading Award Certificates? As you see students meet their reading goals on the Teacher Dashboard, ask a parent volunteer to complete the teacher name and school name fields for you in advance.