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Extend the challenge

Looking for fun ways to challenge your super readers? Here are six great ideas to broaden the current BOOK IT! goals for your class!

Get Specific

Challenge sensational students to read multiple books about a single topic or in a genre new to them. Encourage them to step out of their comfort zone and read three fantasy books or four books about animals.

Switch it up

If you have been challenging your students to read 20 minutes a night and they are blowing it out of the water, change up how you set the goal. Try asking them to read a specific number of pages or chapters. Mixing up your goal setting techniques can shake up the routine and give your students a new objective.


Have students keep a list of new vocabulary words they find while they are reading. Have them provide their list of words, including definitions, when they are finished with the book.

Do it yourself

Work with students to help them set their own goals. Help them understand how important it is to set goals that are not too easy but also will challenge them.


Ask students to create a piece of art related to a book they read. It could be a clay sculpture, a diorama or a simple color pencil drawing.

Spoilers Ahead!

Sit down with students and have them tell you about the book they just read. Ask for descriptions of main characters and plots. Work on your students’ comprehension with this new challenge.