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New Year, New Books

Happy New Year! It’s that time of year again, time to make those pesky resolutions that will do nothing but make you feel guilty a few weeks from now when you’re hitting the snooze button instead of hitting the gym.
I propose we make resolutions that are easy to keep, enjoyable and will benefit both you and the kids in your life. Refresh your commitment to helping your kids read their hearts out by resolving to be a reading role model - at home as a parent, and in the classroom as a teacher. Now is the time to make a reading resolution!

I resolve to read more books

Set a goal that makes sense for you. I personally set a goal of reading one book per week, 52 books per year. Find a goal that makes reading a pleasure, not a chore. Resolving to read one book per month or listening to an audiobook may be a better fit for your lifestyle.
Can’t make a commitment to reading novels? Reading with your children each day is a wonderful reading goal that will benefit the whole family.
Pick one, pick two or try them all - here are 10 quick Reading Resolutions for 2017.
I resolve to...
  • read a book recommended by a friend
  • donate a book to my neighborhood Little Free Library
  • put down a book that doesn’t grab my attention after 50 pages
  • start or join a book club
  • take my kids to the library
  • read together as a family at least once a week
  • read the book the movie is based on
  • visit my local independent bookstore and browse
  • explore new book genres
  • take a book with me everywhere for unexpected reading moments

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Each year I track my reading goals on Goodreads. Goodreads is an online community of book lovers that allows you to track your reading history, review the books you have read, see what your friends are reading and discover new books.
Within my account I have different “bookshelves” which allow me to track the types of books I’m reading, such as nonfiction, book club, young adult and zombie books. You must be 13 years old to start a Goodreads account, but you can set up a bookshelf in your child’s name on your account to track their reading.


The poet's dog book cover
From time to time I will share with you a new book I have read that I absolutely love and hope you will share with your kids. The Poet’s Dog is the newest book from Patricia MacLachlan, author of the Newbery Award winner Sarah, Plain and Tall. Teddy is a rescue dog, adopted by a poet, who in turn rescues two children in a snow storm.
This is a sensitive story of overcoming loss, and although it is slim in size, it packs an emotional punch. This would make a great read aloud and provokes interesting discussion. Recommended for grades 3-5.
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