Did you know that February 24 is World Read Aloud Day? Lit World created this day of observance to encourage people to celebrate the importance of literacy by reading aloud to people of all ages. Studies show that reading regularly to children in their first year of school helps them score an average of 14 points higher on reading assessments at age 15.*
To celebrate World Read Aloud Day, we compiled our top reasons why reading aloud to kids of any age is important.
Reading aloud helps babies and young children learn comprehension and improves listening skills.
Older kids can experience books outside of their reading level, and you can introduce new topics when you read to them.
Adults can even get in on the fun with the rise in popularity and availability of audiobooks.
Children who enjoy being read to at a young age tend to become invested readers later in life. They associate reading with enjoyment and continue to build on those foundational skills.
Books expose children to more structured, formal grammar over everyday speech. It also improves vocabulary for children just learning to talk.
Reading aloud to your children prepares them for school and beyond. A child’s vocabulary at just three years old is already a strong indicator of reading ability and comprehension at age nine.**
Want to get involved? It’s easy! Pick up a few new books or indulge in an old favorite with your family. Allow everyone to have their chance to shine and show off their reading skills in front of others. Don’t forget to check out your local library for great read aloud suggestions. We’ve also put compiled our list of top read aloud books.
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