The R.E.D. Zone Give Me 20 Reading Challenge


Even though we all know how important reading aloud to your children is, it’s not always easy to get started. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when reading aloud with your early readers during Give Me Twenty.

Make a commitment to read aloud to your children 20 minutes a day

Create a routine of reading with your children. According to one study, children who are read to regularly will show better language comprehension and vocabulary by just two years old*. That is really going to give them a head start in life!

Talk to your children

Create a lesson around each book. Ask your child to predict the subject of the story based on the cover and title. Stop and ask questions about the story or pictures as you read. At the end ask content questions that require your children to remember what happened during the book.

Ask your children questions

When talking about the books you read, don’t just ask yes or no questions. Allow your child the chance to talk and show off their comprehension abilities. Ask them why and how events unfold in the story.

Point out new words

When you come across a new word, pause and discuss it with your child. Look the word up in a dictionary. Use it in a different sentence. Spell it out with letter magnets on the fridge. Try to work these new words in to everyday life.

Take a Trip

Libraries offer a lot of reading fun and potential for early learners. From story times to kids-only areas, libraries are a fantastic resource to get your little one even more excited to read. With your guidance, allow your children to pick out books that interest them.

Share the fun

Make your 20 minutes enjoyable. Invite older children to read to younger ones. Include pets and stuffed animals in story time. Act out favorite books. The more fun it is, the more kids will be excited to learn to read on their own.
Parent Takeaway

Parent Takeaway

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